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Possible Macron Disaster Looming Over France

27.04.2017 17:12

Possible Macron Disaster Looming Over France

Casting a ballot in favor of Emmanuel Macron is tantamount to voting for the continuation of the disastrous rule of socialist French President Francois Hollande, Yannick Moreau, a member of the center-right Republicans party, told journalists.

Yannick Moreau, a member of the center-right Republicans party, claimed that voting for Emmanuel Macron in the second round of French elections meant support for the continuation of the disastrous rule of French President Francois Hollande.

The interview came a few days after the first round of the presidential election took place in France, in which independent candidate Emmanuel Macron received 24.01 percent of the votes, more than any other candidate.

Marine Le Pen, the right-wing populist leader of the National Front, came in second with 21.53 percent.

Both are now preparing for the second round of elections, which is to be held on May 7.

The two candidates succeeded in defeating the center-right candidate Francois Fillon, who obtained 19.91 percent of the vote, as well as the radical leftist Melenchon, who gained 19.64 percent.


Notably, presidential candidate Francois Fillon, who failed to make it to the runoff, urged voters to vote for Macron, claiming that "far-right leader Marine Le Pen would bankrupt France if elected," according to Reuters.

However, some members of the Republicans party have reportedly urged voters to support neither Macron nor Le Pen during the runoff vote.

Commenting on this in an interview with Sputnik France, journalist and writer Andre Bercoff said that similar calls are out of line with what the Republicans said during the election campaign.

This, in turn, adds to the confusion that currently prevails on the right of the political spectrum in France, reflecting an election in which the country's traditional left-right dichotomy (which itself dates back to the early, post-revolutionary days of the French National Assembly) was called into question.

"For a very long time, they have said that Macron is the second Hollande and that Macron is the illegitimate son of Hollande and the financial world. And now some of them, including Fillon, call [on voters] to back Macron. This causes confusion among some of the Republicans party activists," Bercoff said.

Yannick Moreau, for his part, warned against voting for either of the two presidential hopefuls during the runoff.

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