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Netherlands don't want Ukrainian guest workers

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that Ukraine should not join the European Union

01.04.2016 20:05

Netherlands don't want Ukrainian guest workers

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that Ukraine should not join the European Union, because in the case of entry it will not be able to build good relations with both Brussels and Moscow.

 "Netherlands is against Ukraine's accession to EU. Opponents of this association say that the ratification would be a step towards Ukraine's accession to EU, however, this is not the case - stressed Rutte. - We believe that Ukraine should have good relations both with Europe and Russia, but it will not be possible if Ukraine will become a member of the EU".

A referendum on the association of Ukraine with EU will take place in the Netherlands on April, 6. The question taken out is: Are you "for" for "against" the ratification of the Association Agreement between Netherlands? According to opinion polls, 60% of the Dutch will vote "against".

"Inforos" decided to find out why the Dutch society perceives Netherlands's "convergence" with EU negatively, and appealed to the deputy chairman of the European Russian alliance, fund manager for Public Diplomacy Corps Konstantin Makarenko.

According to the expert, the upcoming protest vote in the Netherlands shows that the Dutch are probably not specifically against Ukraine, but against all third countries, which officials from Brussels are "pulling" into EU.

"Dutch society actually knows quite little about Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine. Thus the April 6 referendum for the people of the Netherlands is not much a question of the association of Ukraine, but more of the legality of Brussels' decision-making instead of Netherlands." - said Makarenko.

According to the expert, EU leadership is trying to force Netherlands to accept another weak country in the EU, which involves some assistance, although this is not entirely true. The Dutch simply do not want bureaucrats from Brussels to make decisions for them, Makarenko convinced.

"The Dutch society is greatly dissatisfied with the influx of migrants. Ukraine is regarded as yet another country, which will become a source of migrants, which will take places of Dutch workers. And noone waits for those Ukrainian guest workers to arrive", - the expert believes.

Makarenko said that according to the latest polls, it is likely that the results of the referendum will be not in favor of Ukraine. At the same time the expert expressed doubt that the leadership of the Netherlands will really listen to the opinion of the majority of the population.

"Initially, it has been announced that the referendum is only advisory. The vox populi can be ignored, as it has often happened, - noticed Makarenko. - However, the Dutch are quite independent people, and the more they will be persuaded to vote for Ukraine, the more they will resist."

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