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Ukraine: war inside the war

The Ukrainian government could provoke one more war - now within itself

18.08.2014 16:01

Ukraine: war inside the war

The bloodstained Berlin history – "The Night of the Long Knives", can repeat in Kiev 80 years later. The difference is that in the 1934 Hitler got rid of  Ernst Röhm's storm troopers helping him to come to the power while now the fanatical nationalist Dmitry Yarosh leads the storm troopers, who are ready to get rid of newly appeared Ukrainian "leaders" whom they used to support. Yesterday's adherents quarreled seriously, and now the head of the "Right Sector" Yarosh threatens the president Poroshenko "with a Kiev campaign", with the consequences, all very unpleasant for the president. Poroshenko, probably, was frightened and made a concession, most likely, by settling the revolt down by promises and, of course, with a substantial amount of money.

What happened with yesterday's adherents? Yarosh is indignant of the fact that the police regularly arrests the members of his organization "Right Sector" (for marauding or robbery) and therefore demands their immediate release and closing all the criminal cases. Otherwise, as Yarosh threatened, he will withdraw the divisions from the southeast front, where Kiev performs large-scale retaliatory operation, declare the general mobilization of reserve battalions and will move to the capital for carrying out "fast reforms in the Ministry of Internal Affairs". Yarosh demands that Poroshenko has to bring an order to this department, which became "a host of internal counterrevolution". Yarosh's first condition – to fire the deputy minister of internal affairs Vladimir Evdokimov within 48 hours. The radical neo-Nazis accuse him of "supporting the separatists, terrorists and of the anti-Ukrainian activities".

The history of Yarosh's quarrel with the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov runs even deeper. It began in March in connection with the elimination of the double-dyed fascist and nationalist Sashko Bily (Oleksandr Muzychko), the professional murderer, who was too odious and obviously compromised the newly appeared Kiev authorities. The operation was performed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). And then Yarosh publicly accused Avakov of the organization of his colleague's murder and promised to pay off. Now he demands that the president Poroshenko carries out a cardinal clearout in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and arrests everyone involved in the murder of Muzychko.

In response, Avakov burst out on his page in Facebook with an angry rebuff, having declared that Yarosh made up the ultimatum to the president for the sake of his self-advertisement. Avakov wrote: "Your problem, Yarosh, is that you try to show that you are the brutal patriot. In so doing, you deceive many people who believed you, followed you and joined, in fact, the illegal armed groups – without rules and basis, without laws and an order, having turned into disorganized senseless cannon fodder, and no war will justify it. Perhaps, it is enough to play Robin Hood?"

The last statement is a very neat description of the leader of the "Right sector". Accusing Yarosh of a lawlessness, Avakov frankly calls the paramilitary groups directed by Yarosh "an crowd of bandits without rules, laws and an order". Avakov already ordered to create a special task force for Yarosh elimination, who "poses threat to national security of Ukraine". However, there is a question to Avakov: "And you, mister the chief policeman, and all those who now call themselves "the Ukrainian power", didn't you know earlier, who were all these Yarosh, Muzychko and likes of them?" Of course, you knew them perfectly. You knew that they are not Robin Hoods at all, but the ordinary murderers ready to make any crime.

However, leaders of the Maidan, conceiving revolution, relied on such inveterate thugs like Yarosh, having charged them the dirtiest, the bloodiest jobs. And when everything was settled, and the bandits who began to enjoy their position became impudent, they became dangerous for the powers. So, they are to be eliminated. And this duel is going to be long and disastrous.

Remembering Bily's destiny, Yarosh strained himself and created his own "guard" of well armed and paid bandits. Now eliminating him will be more difficult.

Knowing his power, Yarosh threatens with the "Kiev campaign" and delivers the ultimatum to Petro Poroshenko. In addition, it is impossible to exclude that his groups of storm troopers can appear in the streets of the Ukrainian capital – everything depends on the contract price. Therefore, Kiev can get one more war, already within its own gangster camp.

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