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NATO experiencing financial problems

08.02.2014 15:06

NATO experiencing financial problems

According to the General Jean-Paul Palomeros, the NATO Supreme Allied Commander the alliance is in “quite difficult” financial situation, as NATO member states have no funds to finance the defences.

“When the budget is forcedly reduced, the funding of less important, according to the management, facilities and industries stops. But the problem is that sooner or later we will have to pay for it,” Palomeros warned the alliance members.

The general added that the priority areas requiring additional funding are “gathering of information, surveillance and reconnaissance”, noting that for their support there is a need for cooperation between all members of the alliance.

Furthermore, Palameros doubted the effectiveness of high-tech weapons development. According to him, technologies become too complicated to use.

“If you can not train people properly, all these ‘novelties’ are useless,” the general summed up.

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