The EU blackmails Ukraine - Putin / News / News agency Inforos
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The EU blackmails Ukraine - Putin

22.11.2013 17:31

The EU blackmails Ukraine - Putin

The EU puts pressure on Ukraine and blackmails is in connection with the fact that Kiev has suspended negotiations on association with the EU, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference after a meeting of High-Level Cooperation Council of the RF and Turkey.

"We have heard the European Union threatening Ukraine up to supporting the mass protests. This is what the pressure and blackmail are," he said. Putin said, it will become clear in the coming days whether Kiev will succumb to this blackmail.

According to the president, the signing by Ukraine of the Association Agreement with the EU "can just kill the entire branches of the economy." "In agriculture, Ukraine, in this case puts a zero with the European Union in all commodity groups of agriculture, including meat and livestock," he said.

The measures Russia will take in the case of Ukraine association agreement with the EU is not a political issue, but a pragmatic and economic one, the head of state added.

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