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The U.S. and NATO bases in Sicily? It remains to be seen...

An Italian expert spoke about the prospects of military cooperation between Washington and Rome…

17.10.2013 17:04 Ilya Panfilov

The U.S. and NATO bases in Sicily? It remains to be seen...

The Prime Minister of Italy, Enrico Letta intends to come to Washington and meet with U.S. President Barack Obama, on October 17. During the meeting the parties are expected to discuss further military cooperation. In particular, according to Western experts, this will concern the American base on the territory of the Apennine peninsula, which has already started to be created.

It stands to mention that the discussion of the military cooperation prospects between the U.S. and Italy will take place against the background of recent reports about the transfer of two hundred United States marines and two transport aircraft from Spain to a NATO military base in Sigonella, Sicily. According to Italy’s foreign minister, Emma Bonino, “such actions were taken after relevant consultations between the parties and in accordance with bilateral agreements.”

Military analysts point out that the creation of a military bases network in the Mediterranean is testimony to the careful preparation by Washington of a launching platform for combat operations in Africa and the Middle East, because the located in Sicily U.S. military units would be able to intervene in the conflict almost over the entire continent of Africa.

The President of Italy’s Institute for Advanced Studies in Geopolitics and Auxiliary Sciences (IsAG), Tiberio Graziani in an interview to InfoRos shared his point of view on how probable the placement of U.S. military bases and NATO in Italy is.

“In my opinion, any talks about NATO should not be conducted in the context of one or another European, Middle Eastern or African problems, but in the context of the fact that the North Atlantic Alliance is a hegemonic alliance and works exclusively in the interest of the United States of America. Few people doubts it.

Only when you begin to understand this truth, you also realize that NATO has gone out of date, like any institution established after the Second World War, and therefore can not fully meet the global challenges - terrorism, genocide, drug trafficking...

Therefore, I am absolutely convinced that the idea (a purely theoretical one, though) to create a NATO base in Southern Italy is nothing more than an attempt to regain even a little control over the situation in North Africa and the Middle East that Americans seem to have lost once and for all. Does this have anything to do with real international problems and challenges? I think – it doesn’t!” said Graziani.

The expert also pointed out that, in consideration of this issue, it is worth noting the financial side of the question.

“It is not quite clear for what money it will be built? Yes, Barack Obama did managed to avoid a technical default, but we all are well aware that the financial situation in the United States, to put it mildly, is not easy and therefore someone will have to sponsor it! But who? Will it be an American military-industrial complex company, as it has often happened in history? And God forbid, if so, does it mean new wars? Yes, it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but the actual civil war in Syria only adds supporters of this view.

But if we go back to the probability of a NATO base appearing, then any Italian politician should not rule out an internal factor – the Sicilians are radically opposed to the construction of such a base.

Thus, I will recall that at the beginning of this August, in the south of Italy several large protests took place attended by several hundred thousand people. It has even come to a clash with the police. In Italy, as in the U.S., there is a difficult economic situation, and nobody of the Italian government, is likely to ignore the opinions of the vast reservoir of voters, over and above, in the most criminogenic areas of the country.

However, the big-league politics are made so that often common sense pales into insignificance, and the short-term benefits make the world’s top players make serious mistakes. Will something similar happen this time? It remains to be seen..,” the expert concluded.

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