The Turkish authorities to take social networks under control / News / News agency Inforos
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The Turkish authorities to take social networks under control

19.06.2013 14:40

The Turkish authorities are planning to take social networks under control. They are not going to ban, but intend to regulate them, said the Justice and Development Party deputy head Huseyin Celik.

“No need to wait for any surprise from us, nor for bans. We will create the same registry, as is done in civilized countries. We will not do anything that would be contrary to EU standards,” said Celik.

According to his words, “the social networks must be regulated (professional cleaning must be made), as is done in Western countries.” “There is no question of prohibitions. We are probably compared with China. But even China does not prohibit,” he said.

Earlier, the Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan repeatedly said that social networks played a big role in organizing the protests in relation to Gezi Park, gronw into anti-government protests. On the eve of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Turkey, Muammer Guler said that the government considers it necessary to develop a legislative order on social networks as they are often used for “manipulation, dissemination of false information”.

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