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Turkish TV does not report protests

07.06.2013 14:42

Clashes between police and anti-government demonstrators remain outside the field of Turkish televisions. Last week, during the protests, none of the two major news channels of the country did not cover what was going on.

According to the Time journal, during demonstrations one of the channels showed a documentary about the life of penguins, while the second entertained its viewers with a culinary show.

According to the Time, for many residents the TV channels’ keeping silent has become one of the symptoms of the existing media’s self-censorship. Now the penguin has become a symbol of the protesters’ disappointment in the media: the demonstrators wear T-shirts with a picture of penguins and even penguin suits.

While the “traditional” media disappoint the Turks, new social media get the increasing influence. Protests in Turkey are coordinated to a considerable degree through Twitter and Facebook, where the Turks form the world’s fourth largest community. The protesters use social networks to encourage the Turks to turn off the television in protest against the lack of coverage of the protest movement.

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