The Russian MFA: Part of the Syrian opposition is ready to participate in the conference / News / News agency Inforos
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The Russian MFA: Part of the Syrian opposition is ready to participate in the conference

24.05.2013 12:13


Part of Syria's internal opposition is ready to send its representatives to another conference on Syria, the idea of which was offered on May 7 by Russia and the U.S., said Russian MFA Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich.

According to him, the situation stands worse with the irreconcilable part of the Syrian opposition - representatives of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, the Syrian National Council and related structures. "The meetings carried out this week by their representatives in Madrid and a meeting that began in Istanbul, as can be seen in the media, are not encouraging so far," he added.

The Syrian government has also confirmed the consent to participate in the conference, said Lukashevich. At the same time, he said, there have been attempts to prevent the convening an international conference on Syria. "Efforts to promote the counterproductive resolution are also being applied at the 23rd Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. It is quite clear that it comes again to trying to interfere with the implementation of the Russian-American agreements on Syria entered into in Moscow, to set narrow political interests above the main goal - stopping the bloodshed and ensuring the success of the international community's coordinated political and diplomatic efforts in favor of opening an inter-Syrian dialogue," he said. All this, the diplomat stressed, gives bad signals to the Syrian opposition representatives, urging them to refusal to negotiate.

Lukashevich added that the holding of an international conference on Syria till the end of May, as previously planned, is unlikely because of the Syrian opposition. "Judging by the events that occur, especially in the camp of the opposition, such a possibility is unlikely to be realized," he said.

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