The Javakhk Diaspora of the RF supports the accession of Georgia to the Eurasian Union / News / News agency Inforos
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The Javakhk Diaspora of the RF supports the accession of Georgia to the Eurasian Union

07.05.2013 11:16

The Javakhk Diaspora of the RF supports the accession of Georgia to the Eurasian Union

The Javakhk Diaspora of Russia urged the authorities of Georgia to join the Eurasian Union:

"Today, it is already clear for many that the major states, somehow or other, are seeking to create sub-regional centers and unions. Russia's initiative to create a Eurasian Union (EAU) is no exception either; it has been actively discussed in almost the entire post-Soviet space. Being of big geopolitical importance for Georgia, this initiative and the issue of participation in it are becoming the subject of a fierce debate inside the country. The issue is discussed in a confrontational nature in the context of geopolitical rivalry, without considering the fact that along with the competition there is a global dialogue in the world.

In our opinion, the possibility of more effective development of Georgia lies in identical line, namely, if Georgia does not match the major states' interests, but tries to put them in correspondence.

Based on the foregoing, we urge the Georgian authorities to chart a course of complementary policies and appeal to declare Georgia's desire to join the future Eurasian Union.

In the event of Georgia's joining the future integration project the following opportunities and prospects are opening up before it:

First, in this matter, many former Soviet countries, mainly expressed their interest. It must be understood that the world keeps the path of formation and strengthening of new poles. The emphasis is placed on economic cooperation. It comes to about a vast territory, which in future will be the world's largest macro-economic, and macro-policy association.

Secondly, it is a humanitarian aspect of the issue, namely, cultural cooperation, and it is obvious for many that it is a single civilization territory. That is, the people living on it, by their way of thinking, education and culture are much closer to each other and carry the ideas of Eurasian civilization. It is not to be ignored that Georgia is an Orthodox Christian civilization. The same can be also said of Russia and other Christian states, which are likely to enter the future union.

Thirdly, the future EAU will make it possible to eliminate customs problems, i.e. it comes to trade, free movement of people, investment activation, access to energy resources, which is very important for Georgia. Passport control will be eliminated, thereby allowing the level of integration to rise to higher levels.

Fourthly, the basis of the ideas of the Eurasian Union is a political and military-political cooperation, related to security. The future union's clear position has been designated and can be summed up as follows - the economy is priority, but it has policy and security added to it.

Many opponents see in the process the tendencies toward creating an updated model of the Soviet Union, which is not consistent with the reality. A communist ideology was at the heart of the Soviet Union. This is now out of the question. While for the Eurasian Union three principles are declared: respect for the sovereignty of all states, the policy of non-interference in their internal affairs, and economic integration to help to increase the well-being of the EAU member states.

We are confident that the Georgian authorities shall take advantage of the current situation in which there are no ready-made model of the Eurasian Union. Today, all are at the stage where the "project" is under construction and, accordingly, the Georgian authorities should be involved, to be active in these EAU "project" works in order to lay Georgia's objectives and interests in the foundation of its future architecture."

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