Russia's Javakhk Diaspora warns of provocations by the Georgian authorities / News / News agency Inforos
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Russia's Javakhk Diaspora warns of provocations by the Georgian authorities

12.04.2013 15:10

Russia's Javakhk Diaspora warns of provocations by the Georgian authorities

After the autumn parliamentary elections recently held in Georgia, the political situation in the country remains tense and is expected to soon reach its culmination. The former ruling party United National Movement (UNM) plans to hold on April 19 in the Georgian capital a large rally to gather the Georgian people and tell the new government that the future of the Georgian people is the European way.

It should be noted that for over 2 months the UNM members have been carried out a vigorous campaign in support of the intended action. They make trips throughout Georgia, including all parts of Tbilisi. They have meetings with the population; dismiss false information without shame; dish out money and invite people for the upcoming meeting.

We can say with reasonable confidence that during the meeting provocations and clashes can be organized between civilians and specially trained groups of provocateurs. Thus an inter-civil conflict may be provoked that will have to involve law enforcement agencies. Our conviction is such as we all remember those sad events that took place in Georgia on November 7 and 26. Today, the same persons who have these terrible tragedies on their conscience are trying once again in a disguised manner to destabilize the country and cause a clash between in the Georgian people.

Georgia's new authorities have publicly stated their priorities, and we support the Georgian people's fair intentions and wishes the in matters of European integration, but at the same time declare that the planned provocation with possible bloodshed will be a priori a contemplated crime against the entire population of Georgia. To avoid the next one, we make an appeal to the peaceful Georgian people:

• Do not yield to provocations undertaken by the UNM party, declare boycott and refuse to participate in the meeting scheduled for April 19;

• Do not let the UNM party shelter itself behind certain parts of the people in order to distract and cover up their crimes; do not let them show the West that they are a political force in Georgia; resolutely stop their attempts to launch a civil war;

• Demand from the new authorities to abolish the UNM party and publicly try the members of this party hostile to Georgia, who are guilty of crimes.

We are confident that for improving the welfare of the people, for the peaceful and stable development of Georgia as well as for the settlement of disputes arising within the country, it is necessary to use only legal and humane approaches that can serve as a solid basis for further democratic development and improvement of Georgia's reputation in the international arena.

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