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The APEC summit adopted a final declaration

09.09.2012 12:49

The APEC summit adopted a final declaration

Following the summit, the APEC leaders have adopted a final declaration. The heads of state reaffirmed in the document their commitment to fight corruption, reduce imbalances by strengthening the national financial systems, as well as to reduce the price acute fluctuations and enhance food security. They also consider necessary to continue the customs procedures optimization in the APEC economies.

The leaders emphasize the determination to investigate corruption offenses and to bring to responsibility the guilties in accordance with national law, and "to deny the corrupted government officials access to income from criminal activities within our financial systems."

"We will also work on simplifying the return of funds received from corruption... We will continue to work with all participants of international and domestic financial markets for the purpose of failure to submit "safe harbors" to assets acquired through corruption," the document says.

The leaders welcome the commitments undertaken by European leaders to use all reasonable efforts to preserve the integrity and stability of the euro area. "We remain committed to reducing imbalances by strengthening the public finance system in the economies with deficits," the declaration said. As concerns to the taxation of public sector activities, the parties note that the prognostication should take into account the costs of an aging population.

In matters of food security the leaders are aware that bans and other restrictions on food exports could lead to price volatility, in the first place in the economies that depend on imported staple foodstuffs. "We confirm once again our commitment to combating protectionism," the declaration said.

A week of the APEC Summit 2012 started on 2 September in Vladivostok. The summit was attended by 21 delegations of the APAC countries.

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