Armenian students meet NATO Secretary General with a protest / News / News agency Inforos
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Armenian students meet NATO Secretary General with a protest

06.09.2012 11:55

Armenian students meet NATO Secretary General with a protest

Due to lack of NATO's adequate assessment of Ramil Safarov' extradition and subsequent pardon who had brutally murdered the Armenian officer during the courses organized by the Alliance in Hungary, the Armenian youth is holding a protest action.

Some 200 to 300 students from Yerevan State University have already gathered in front of the university where a meeting with Anders Fogh Rasmussen with students is scheduled. NATO Secretary General is received with the posters "NATO's courses are dangerous to our health", "Hungary is worth 2 billion, and how much is NATO?", "Shame!", "Azerbaijan spat at the international community", "We expect NATO's adequate response!" "Blood = Oil", "This is a result of the oil policy".

In January 2004, Gurgen Margaryan took part in three-month English language courses of NATO's Partners for Peace programme in Budapest. Early in the morning of 19 February, he was killed. The murderer - an Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov – struck 16 blows with an ax in the face of the sleeping Armenian officer, almost separating his head from the body.

The trial of Ramil Safarov was held in Hungary. At trial, the defence of Safarov motivated his actions by the fact that Safarov was impressed by the Karabakh conflict events. A medical examination conducted by the court found him sane. The court sentenced the murderer to imprisonment for life without the right to amnesty in the first 30 years. The judge explained his decision by the brutality of Safarov's crime and that he had not been remorseful of his actions.

On August 31, 2012, Safarov was extradited to Azerbaijan, where he was immediately pardoned by the president of this country. On the same day, the President of Armenia announced the suspension of diplomatic relations with Hungary. The world community has harshly criticized Baku in connection with its decision to pardon the murderer.

Answering journalists' questions, Rasmussen stressed that on his visit to Azerbaijan he intends to clearly point out to Aliyev to the fact that this decision causes concern and damages the confidence-building. "This terrible, tragic accident is a crime, and this crime must not be eulogized," he said. At the same time, he noted that the parties to the Karabakh conflict should not return to the opposition. On the contrary, said Rassmussen, there is a need to work for strengthening and spreading peace in the region.

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