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Turkish Hackers Attacked French Web-sites

27.12.2011 17:29

Turkish hackers have organized cyber attacks on dozens of French websites. In such a way they reacted to the decision of the Lower chamber of the French Parliament, which on December 22, approved a bill providing for criminal penalty for denying the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Empire.

Hackers attacked the site of the French parliament deputy, Valerie Boyer, who initiated the bill criminalizing denial of Armenian genocide. The author of amendments to the Law on the Armenian Genocide, the National Assembly deputy, Valerie Boyer, had even to apply to a police force after she had been showered with numerous threats on social networks.

“You French are just pitiful in your pathos, you are neglecting the truth just to get extra votes,” says an anonymous message, all visitors of the deputy’s official website automatically fall to.

The Official Ankara has recalled its ambassador from France. Note that more than 20 countries have recognized the events of 1915 as genocide.
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