Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the TMR A.Kaminsky held talks in Moscow / News / News agency Inforos
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Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the TMR A.Kaminsky held talks in Moscow

03.06.2011 12:56 Vladimir Voynarovsky

Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the TMR A.Kaminsky held talks in Moscow
A group of deputies of the Supreme Soviet of Transnistria have visited Moscow this week where the Transnistrian parliamentarians held meetings in the Committees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. On May 31, Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of the TMR on social issues Sergey Cheban reported the news.

The delegation of deputies headed by the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet Anatoly Kaminsky also attended a roundtable discussion on constitutional development.

According to Cheban, for Transdniestria it is especially urgent today, as most recently a number of amendments to the Constitution of PMR have been adopted. And the deputies voted for each of 118 amendments at that.

One of the major innovations will be the creation of a holistic Institute for Government whose composition and structure will be now defined by the prime minister and approved by the president of the republic. According to the amendments, the prime minister will also submit to the President for consideration applicants for the position of heads of municipal and district administrations.

Among other things, changes have applied to the head of state too - namely, the presidential incumbency will be limited to two terms now. In case of reelection and second term for the president, he can not run or vote for a third term. Recall, the current leader of Transdniestria, Igor Smirnov, has held the office of president of the republic for 18 years.

The Republican Coordinating Council of NGOs and political parties (RCC) of the TMR has made a public statement to express the satisfaction over the adopted amendments.

In addition, the parliamentarians paying a visit to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, on their return will have serious work to do on the law on the government, which according to preliminary plans will come into force in November 2011, as well as on issues of electoral system.

During their visit to Moscow, the Transnistrian deputies discussed with their Russian counterparts a possibility of participation of the Republic of TMR in the national projects of the RF. In addition, the parliamentarians intended to study the Russian experience in the field of medical insurance. During the meetings they also touched on the issues of pensions for Russian servicemen residing in Transnistria.

Recall, on 10 March this year, the chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Transnistria Anatoly Kaminsky has already visited Moscow, where at a meeting with State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov he discussed issues relating to the Russian Federation’s material and humanitarian assistance to the Transnistrian pensioners, hospitals and orphanages.

Since late 2007 until mid-2010 Russia transferred as allowances for pensioners about 55 million rubles.

In addition, according to the chairman of the Transnistrian parliament, the leadership of the Supreme Soviet of the TMR plans to establish a partnership with Russian regions: Anatoly Kaminsky himself emphasized the agrarian republic needs a market to its products.
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