John McCain: Russia Stands in Way of Anti-Iranian Sanctions / News / News agency Inforos
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John McCain: Russia Stands in Way of Anti-Iranian Sanctions

21.04.2008 10:12

RIA Novosti – John McCain, a Republican leading candidate at the presidential election, claimed that Moscow stands in the way of any Washington’s efforts to impose effective sanctions on Tehran, and blocks them in the UN Security Council.

McCain said that he is sure that effective and tough sanctions might do the job… But they cannot be effective because the Russians stand in the way of everything that we try to do in the UN Security Council.

However, as the Republican candidate stressed, for solution of the Iranian problem Washington and other leading Western states should act within a league of democracies to be established by them.

According to him, the League of Democracies should include the countries that have values and goals and that control over a significant part of the world economy. “And I think that we may be effective, I am sure of it”, the Republican Senator claimed.

McCain said that he already discussed this matter with the President of France and Prime Minister of Great Britain. “I discussed it with President Sarkozy and just had talks with Prime Minister Brown. We may join in a league of democracies and act upon the Iranians more radically”, McCain claimed.
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