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Sochi Gets Ready for 2014 Olympics

29.05.2007 14:51

The Olympics Organizational Committee will meet in Sochi on June 1; the first runway of the reconstructed city airport will be commissioned on the same day, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov said. Zhukov is the member of the Russian government responsible for the preparation of Sochi to hosting the 2014 Olympics, if the Russian Black Sea resort is chosen for it.

Zhukov remarked at the ministers’ meeting with the head of state that the venue of the 2014 winter Olympics would be chosen in Guatemala in a little more than a month.

“On July 4, the International Olympics Committee will meet to choose one of the cities short-listed to host the Olympics. We are on the home straight now – we need to make a final breakthrough,” he said adding that a list of ambitious projects had been compiled.

“The organizational committee will meet on June 1, on the day when the first runway of the local airport will be commissioned after renovation,” he added. “The landing strip has been lengthened to cater for all types of liners.”

According to Zhukov, it is to be lengthened by another 500m in the next few years. The financing for the project has been stipulated in the three-year draft federal budget now considered by the parliament.

“We also plan to inspect all the construction projects implemented in Sochi today, especially those involving the local infrastructure,” Zhukov said. A tunnel construction project is almost completed, he added. “On June 4, the evaluation committee which had come here to inspect will issue an evaluation report. We hope it will commend our project,” he said.

The Sochi projects will also be in the focus of the upcoming international economic forum in St. Petersburg, Zhukov said.
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